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For many years now we have been taught to fear bacteria and other microorganisms. Projecting that fear onto our food and drink is the natural progression. We spend a good deal of our time ensuring our food preparation and storage areas are beyond clean, disinfecting every inch of space and every utensil we use, at all costs we must destroy the germs! The fact that we are utterly dependent on bacteria and other microorganisms to live, (we have never lived without them) is often conveniently forgotten. Humans, animals, soil, plants all host trillions of microbes. We have for millennia lived in symbiosis with these microbes. We cannot survive without them. Theresa Keane August 2023

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On this World Food Safety Day we thank Dr Mark Farrell for his insights. Food safety is a gateway to the field of culinary arts. Everyone can gain common entry to the kitchen and training is the prerequisite ticket on the journey. Each individual food worker is responsible for the creation of a safe and hygienic working environment no matter what their role is or size and level of the business. In hygiene parameters we are all equal. Safe and wholesome food is a not a social privilege, it is a common right



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